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CASwART offers various design products for a reasonable price. These products can be categorized in three groups: Web Design, Styling, Graphics.

In Web Design CASwART offers:

  • -  designing new websites;

  • -  refreshing the designs of existing websites;

  • -  building websites, including designs supplied by clients;

  • -  maintaining websites.

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In styling CASwART offers:

  • -  designing corporate style: logos, business cards, letterheads, etc.;

  • -  designing brochures and such;

  • -  contact with the printer during the realisation of the design.

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In graphics CASwART offers amongst other things:

  • -  designing cards, for example greeting cards;

  • -  designing pictograms, for websites and other purposes;

  • -  designing and developing images (static or moving) for various purposes.

Further information and portfolio

Design Procedure

The products developed at CASwART are specifically designed for you. In order to do this it is essential to get to know you. Together we will draw up a list of wishes. By fine tuning the items on this list we can further explore wishes and possibilities.

Every product is developed with special care. During the development the concept, design and realisation will be closely connected. In this process creativity, originality, quality and functionality among other things are essential. Finally, our products should be effective and, depending on your requirements, they should be innovative.


The experiences of our clients are important at CASwART. Below a few of the reactions:

-  Owner of Springtij Trainingen and Aikido Centrum Haarlem:
"It started with a ‘mere’ request to design and build a website. It turned out CASwART could do much more: developing the companies name, logo, business cards and leaflet. All under one roof, everything taken care of from A to Z.
I am extremely satisfied: a classic example of service orientation."

-  Director of Okx bv:
"CASwART is easy to work with. In its work the company shows great commitment, integrity and thoroughness. The clients needs and wishes are kept in mind. By asking the right questions CASwART also manages to clear up clouded ideas."